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A growing sustainability movement

The Heritage Certification Programme for Accommodation is now applied in over 150 hotels, resorts and lodges across eight African countries, making it the largest and most successful initiative of its kind on the Continent

Ranging from small, personally run to large, internationally represented establishments, the Heritage Accommodation Certification Programme has continued to grow over the past twelve years.  Today, our members can be found in destinations across the Continent and Indian Ocean islands, and we are looking to expand beyond this region.

Each member of the Heritage Programme is individually listed and promoted by Heritage in two ways.  The first is on this site as a listing where potential clients are able to verify their environmental status, while the second is on our sister-site where we provide a free reservations link to their on-line booking facilities.

To find out which hotels, resorts and lodges have been certified by Heritage, or to make a booking and find-out more about the properties themselves, follow the following links.