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A Year of Environmental Celebration

Celebrating environmentally significant dates ​throughout the year reinforces your message to your market

The old adage says that in order top be successful, you need to 'walk the talk', and so it is with environmental stewardship.  Even the best EMS in the world can be undermined by a lack of commitment and visible recognition for environmentally responsible events and truly successful companies make an effort to be part of important environmental celebrations, events or dates.   

At Heritage, we have developed a calendar of the most significant dates on the environmental calendar, ensuring that your business has advanced warning of the dates and how to make them more appropriate to your corporate needs.  We recommend that you select the dates that you can participate in, and that you make an effort to raise awareness of the issues being celebrated.

Let us have your news and photo's of the way in which you recognise these dates, and we will publish them for you and help raise your profile as a responsible business.