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The Heritage Standard

A tried and tested approach to Sustainability.

The Heritage standard has been developed over a period of ten years and follows internationally recognised systems such as ISO 14001; 17001 and others.  In developing the standard, we have considered our objective and that of companies that approach us, and we are satisfied that our approach to sustainability and corporate governance meets all  the expectations of an increasingly responsible business world.

The Heritage Standard forms the basis of our range of sectoral certification programmes.  Each has the same common core-elements, enhanced with sectoral-specific requirements and standards as required.  This allows the same basic standard to be applied across the services sector and to be enhanced as specific requirements arise.


The Heritage Standard addresses the following key environmental indicators:


  • Purchasing and Procurement

    • Environmental Policy

    • Supplier Selection

    • Purchasing Activities

    • Recyclability

    • Administrative systems

    • Sponsors and Associates

  • Business Partnerships 

    • Memberships and Associations

    • Eco-status of Associates and Business Partnerships

  • Design and Construction

    • Design

    • Technology

    • Hazardous Materials

    • Environmental Impact 

  • Transport and Vehicle Maintenance

    • Transport Systems

    • Parking Facilities

    • Maintenance Facilities

  • Fauna, Flora and Game

    • Indigenisation

    • Pest Control

    • Game Management (where applicable)

    • Land Management

  • Communications and Marketing

    • Training and Awareness

    • Internal/External Communications

    • Feedback Systems

    • Environmental Marketing

    • Recognition and Publicity

  • Resource Management

    • Noise Management

    • Energy Management

    • Water Management

    • Waste Management

    • Chemicals and Hazardous Materials Management

    • Air Quality Management

  • Community Involvement

    • Employment Practice

    • Education and Training

    • Community Support

    • CSR

  • General

    • Environmental Management Plan

    • Emissions Management

    • Climate Change Mitigation and Management

    • Environmental Health and Safety

    • Legal Compliance and Risk Management