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What we Offer

Heritage offers a range of environmental management and certification services - all developed and implemented to suit your specific style of business without affecting your international competitiveness.  Here is a synopsis of what we do:

Environmental Certification

Heritage is a fully-fledged environmental management system together with a performance certification element.  Our systems and standards are globally competitive and specifically relevant in the services sectors of the economy.  

Heritage offers certification options for a range of business sectors, including hotels and lodges, golf courses, game lodges, banking, retail and other service businesses.

The Heritage EMS is operated in eight African countries and has become recognised as one of the top three certification brands available globally.  


Green Event Certification


The meetings, incentive, meetings and exhibitions sector (MICE), has particularly severe environmental impacts around the world, and Heritage Eco-Events has been developed as an EMS and certification system for short-to-medium term events and activities.
Heritage Eco-Events provides a world-class management system for 'green' event management, and an evaluation and certification standard against which the overall impacts of events are measured and scored.

Heritage Eco-Events offers two levels of recognition: Green Event and Carbon Neutral Events and is developed in accordance with the ISO 20121 standard.


Environmental Consulting

If you are looking to implement an EMS in your business - or simply for advice and guidance in the implementation or management of an existing system, Heritage Environmental Consultants can help.
Our team are qualified in the management and auditing of environmental management systems in the ISO 14001 series, and with over a collective twenty years of experience, they have the necessary skills to provide unmatched levels of support and guidance in your business.

Heritage provides unparalleled levels of professional, hands-on experience and support for any business.

Skills Development  

Often the least considered element of any EMS - but without doubt the most important, employee awareness and skills development are critical to your EMS success.

The Heritage Training Academy offers a range of in-house courses designed to raise awareness by your staff and associates of your EMS.  From front-line staff to those that silently make things work in the background, a thorough understanding of how your EMS works and what role your personnel play in its success is vital to your overall achievements.

Whether the need is for resource management training or awareness of the waste streams of your business, Heritage Training Academy has a course for you.  And in the event you have specific needs in your business, we are able to develop a training programme for your company. 


Emissions Verification


This is the latest challenge facing business in general - how to recognise, manage and measure emissions.  

With Heritage, we have the systems and tools you need to identify your impacts and emissions; manage and reduce emissions to acceptable levels and; measure and report on your emissions in real-time.  

Heritage can help identify your risk, measure your performance and provide an independent verification of your emission levels in accordance with global, national and local guidelines.

Sustainability Reporting


Today, more than at any-time in the past, investors and business associates are demanding greater transparency and higher standards of sustainability reporting.

With Heritage, you can be assured of the most effective and transparent environmental reporting available.  Our experience in the management and certification of environmental performance places us in a unique position to give your sustainability report balance and relevance in an ever competing business environment.