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Recognising your Commitment to Sustainability

The Heritage Environmental Management Company goes to great lengths to recognise the commitment you make towards environmental sustainability and good governance in general.​

The Heritage Programme recognises commitment to sustainability on three levels according to the effort being made to meet our standards.  Each Member of the network is evaluated on his/her own performance against the applicable Heritage standard and the ability the business has to meet internationally respected performance criteria.  Performance and improvement is based on the percentage scored on each review and audit, and the ways in which the business has shown continual improvement.

The status of each Member property is indicated by a specific plaque and certificate of achievement which is displayed in a prominent public space.


Businesses that are awarded the Heritage SILVER Class have recognised and accepted that they have an environmental impact and have taken practical steps to address them.  This will include implementing the Heritage EMS and establishing the necessary operational strategies and structures necessary to ensure sustainable business practice. ​

Each SILVER Class property must achieve a minimum of 50% compliance with the Heritage standard, although the full implementation of the EMS is not required.


To achieve GOLD Class, a business must have fully implemented the Heritage EMS and demonstrate that they are managing their activities in compliance with the Heritage standard. These businesses have an established Environmental Committee and published and compliant standards for all operational activities as far as they impact on the environment.

A minimum score of 75% compliance with Heritage standards is required for Gold Class properties, and there must be demonstrable effort to ensure continual environmental performance.


Platinum Class businesses are those that have achieved full compliance with the Heritage standard, and which have a fully integrated EMS in operation.  These businesses operate their activities with the highest consideration of its environmental performance, community involvement and in a socially responsible manner.

To achieve PLATINUM Class, a business must achieve a minimum score of 94% on its annual assessment and clearly demonstrate compliance with the principle of continual improvement.