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Our Weighted Performance System

A world-first approach to compliance

For many, environmental compliance and good corporate governance is a question of 'ticking the boxes'.  Many believe that as long as they meet the minimum necessary standard for compliance, they are doing well.

At Heritage we believe compliance is about exceeding the minimum and encouraging world-class continual improvement based on best-practice.  For this reason, Heritage has developed a unique weighted scoring system to encourage development and the desire for continual improvement.  Being certified by Heritage is not only about ticking the boxes, but its about becoming better and more sustainable over a longer period of time.

To measure this, we consider two elements when weighing our scorecard.  The first consideration is monitoring and researching international trends in environmental management and corporate governance.  This can entail raising - or lowering the importance of individual aspects of our standard according to global trends.  This is then measured across all of the criteria and standards of the system to ensure balance in the performance of our clients.  In this way, the balance between economic, cultural, social and environmental performance of a business is enhanced and managed to provide a more holistic evaluation of performance.

The second process is weighing the degree to which the business applies global best-practice to the individual criteria. This encourages businesses to go beyond just meeting the standard and rewards those that implement continual improvement and best practice processes.

The weighted scorecard is used to evaluate the degree to which the business strives to improve its performance and the results determine whether the business is Silver, Gold or Platinum Class in the Heritage Programme.